While there isn’t officially a Cloverfield sequel scheduled, JJ Abrams reportedly recently said that if there is one, there’ll be another monster. I’m not holding my breath. I mostly hated Cloverfield – hated the storyline, hated the boring camera work, hated the annoying yuppie characters and actually hoped they’d all get stomped. Though I did love the monster and the seven minutes of thrill that the movie provided.

But if that’s the garbage that director Matt Reeves and producer Abrams put out, I won’t rush out to see #2. Or #3. (I’m not even sure I want to see Star Trek XI, directed by Abrams and pushed to Summer 2009.) I’d rather spend my time watching some classic horror movies. Even the really bad B-movie horrors I’ve seen over the years were more entertaining. (In the clip below, Abrams admits to having liked The Blair Witch Project and wanting to do something similar. Blair Witch is amongst my least favorite films of all time, so I’m not surprised that Cloverfield didn’t excite me.)