Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn, that’s who. Yesterday, Tueesday, November 6, during an interview about his newest film “Fred Claus,” Vince Vaughn let out the horrifying statement that he doesn’t own a cell phone. What!?

“I don’t own a cell phone… because the old way always worked for me… You call me, I call you back, like a gentlemen.”

The very thought of not owning a cell phone horrifies me. If I’m without it for ten minutes, I panic. But, Vaughn explains that, “I kind of like cell phones if I have to call someone, but I don’t like getting calls.”

I suppose if you’re famous, you can pick and choose who you talk to, can’t you? He does add that he annoys their friends, constantly borrowing their cells to make calls. Come on! You’re rich! Suck it up and buy your own!