Apple (AAPL) share prices from 4/21/2003 to 4/19/2010

If you’re a fan or shareholder of Apple, Inc., you should check out the interesting little financial table over at Kyle Conroy’s site. Take multi-sourced data, he shows, product by product, what your money would be worth today if instead of buying that Apple computer or consumer electronics gadget (iPod, etc.), you had spent the same money on stock at the same time.

For example, if you had taken the $5700 that a PowerBook G3 250 cost upon its release in Nov 1997 and instead bought Apple shares at the time, the share value would be worth $330,563.38. In fact, Apple shares are worth 40 times what they were seven years ago, Conroy says. Given that some financial experts are saying that Apple shares could be worth $300-500 each later this year, I’m surprised people are selling their stock, completely missing how groundbreaking the company’s new Apple iPad mobile device is, despite several irritating and frustrating limitations that have ensured it is not a full-blown replacement for laptops or even netbooks.

So, before you buy one of the hot new Apple MacBook Pro laptops, pictured below, or the new iPhones rumored to be coming out in June and loaded with new features, you might want to think on share purchases.

Images courtesy of Apple.

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