LG waterproof phone

P2i, a spinoff created by scientists at the UK’s Ministry of Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, has come out with with an “Ion-mask” coating that can waterproof cell phones. The coating, which is chemically bonded to the surface, makes the phone waterproof. Small devices such as phones and music players cannot use regular seals, so this coating could be a boon to portable consumer electronics.

Now considering that people apparently drop their phones into the toilet more often than they’d like to admit (over a million a year in the UK), it might be a good thing. It’s also great if you’re outside taking a call and it starts raining. But it also means you can take your waterproof cellphone into the shower. Now is that style, or is your life so pathetic that you can’t even relax in the shower without answering the phone or sending text messages?

Sony, Casio and LG (pictured) all have waterproof phones, though not necessarily utilizing the ion-mask coating.

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