Apple Inc’s products have a reputation for being high-end, but now with the iPhone 4 out and doing well, it seems the company has approved AT&T’s new low price of $49 for the previous generation iPhone 3GS smartphone. This is a big drop from the $199 and up that consumers paid not long ago. Even as recently as 2-3 months ago, AT&T was charging $99 for the 8GB of memory model.

This might be a concession to AT&T lose their iPhone exclusivity amongst wireless carriers. In fact, after all the rumors, Verizon is supposedly going to officially early next week that they will be getting the iPhone. Whether that’ll be a CDMA model of the iPhone 4 or a whole new model is to be seen.  There’s enough grumbling amongst customers about AT&T’s cellular network’s failings, especially for iPhone users, and suggestions that Verizon will not only see a shift amongst their own customers to iPhone, but also a switch over from AT&T. So it’s not surprising that AT&T is doing something to entice users. It’s too bad they can’t do that for the iPhone 4. (Note: Image above is of an iPhone 4, not a 3GS.)

Don’t forget that to sweeten things, both Verizon and AT&T not too long ago dropped the minimum monthly rate for data plans. AT&T is charging $15/m for 200 MB of data, or for another $10 (ie., $25/m), you get 2GB/m of data plan. Unfortunately, their unlimited plan is no longer available to new customers.