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Angelina Had a Lesbian Fling?

Angelina Jolie might have had a lesbian relationship with an assistant producer on the set of Gone in 60 Seconds. So says Misty Cooper in quite the tell-all, complete with suggestive photos. Well whether this is true or not, as […]

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Lindsay Lohan Slated For Movie With Jack Black

Lindsay Lohan is projectless no more. While Dare to Love Me (2008) is already in production, she had nothing else on her schedule. Until she appeared nude in a recreation of Marilyn Monroe’s last photo shoot in 1962. Well, the […]

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Jenna Fischer’s Finally A Star?

The Office’s wholesome girl next door actress Jenna Fischer has had her virginity broken. Paparazzi stalking viriginity, that is. A pap popped up a snapped some pics of her and her sis when she exited a grocery store in Beverly […]

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PopSofa Entertainment Lounge: Drew Barrymore’s Birthday, Natalie Portman’s Lover

Today is Drew Barrymore’s 33rd birthday. Can you believe it? Sweetie Drew, who is currently sober, recently gave some advice for the drunken young celebs out there: pull it together for yourself. And she practice what she’s preaching. She doesn’t […]

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Movies Opening Today – Fri Feb 22, 2008

There are only four wide-release films opening this weekend and two limited-release films. Wide-Release Film Openings In this category are Vantage Point, Be Kind Rewind, Charlie Bartlett and Witless Protection. I’ve been seeing the trailers for Vantage Point a fair […]

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Hollywood Hurting For Film Ideas?

I know that the WGA only recently voted to end their three-month strike, but surely they can’t be so low on movie ideas as to have to turn popular board games, such as Monopoly, into feature fims. Or is that […]

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REM Open Sources Their Music Video Footage

Skimming through my feed reader, I see that I missed something important: R.E.M. have gone a step further than Radiohead’s approach to their In Rainbows album, which was released online on a pay-as-you-like basis. Instead, R.E.M. have open-sourced the music […]

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Nicole Richie’s Real Post-Baby Slimming Secret

OK Magazine reports that Nicole Richie’s post-birthing slimming secret is the Spanx undergarments she’s been wearing. (You know, the hose replacement profiled on Oprah?) But I maintain that the real secret is the mad partying that she and baby-daddy Joel […]

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Owen Wilson Recovered and Working Again

It’s good to hear that funny man Owen Wilson has recovered from his alleged suicide attempt and is working again. His current project is Marley and Me with Jennifer Aniston. It starts shooting March and opens Dec 25th. He’ll also […]

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Lily Allen Keeps Taking Blows

Let’s recap here. Lily Allen miscarries, loses boyfriend Ed Simons, gets a talk show but 1/3 of the audience walks out. And previously, thanks to dropping four dress sizes, she had a lingerie promo deal with Agent Provacateur. But due […]

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