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Will There Be a Cloverfield 2?

While there isn’t officially a Cloverfield sequel scheduled, JJ Abrams reportedly recently said that if there is one, there’ll be another monster. I’m not holding my breath. I mostly hated Cloverfield – hated the storyline, hated the boring camera work, […]

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Matt Damon Says: More Bourne For You!

Matt Damon has reversed earlier sentiments and is now saying that he’ll be returning for a fourth Bourne movie. Number three, The Bourne Ultimatum, scored three Oscars Sunday night at the 80th Annual Academy Awards. Damon will appear in Margaret […]

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Sean Penn and Petra Nemcova?

At the 80th Annual Academy Awards Sunday night, Sean Penn was snapped with supermodel Petra Nemcova. Penn, who is divorcing wife Robin Wright Penn, has been dating for awhile now. His choice of Nemcova almost seems odd. I remember one […]

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Did Jennifer Aniston Preserve Her Eggs?

With so many celebrity vaginas currently occupied, there aren’t too many female celebs that aren’t pregnant. Jennifer Aniston is one of very few in the latter category. MSNBC is reporting that Aniston has put her eggs on ice, in hopes […]

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Oscar Gaffes: In Memoriam and Host Retrospective

Someone was asleep in the Oscars crew at least twice for Sunday night’s 80th Annual Academy Awards show. First, they left out Brad Renfro in the Memoriam segment. Young Renfro died about a week before Heath Ledger, whose image ended […]

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Angelina Jolie Confirms Pregnancy

A source close to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly confirmed on Jolie’s behalf that she is pregnant. I suppose it’s hard to deny it anymore when you look like this. Now if there are any babies that deserve $6M […]

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Lindsay Lohan Wins Eight Awards!

Ha ha. Made you look. No, Lindsay Lohan didn’t win any Oscars. But she and her last movie, I Know Who Killed Me, sweeped the 28th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards. She and her Killed Me cohorts won eight of the […]

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Kate Hudson Seeing Justin Timberlake?

Um, what? Has hottie Kate Hudson been seeing Justin Timberlake for a year? The same Justin Timberlake that’s supposedly about to propose to equally hot Jessica Biel? Say it ain’t so. How does an untalented, middle of the road short […]

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80th Annual Academy Awards: Oscar Presenters and Winners

Jon Stewart hosted the 80th Annual Academy Awards. He started off funny but just before introducing Jennifer Garner, he made fun of Barack Obama’s name and spewed some crap about “Adolf Titler.” Jennifer Garner presented Best Costume Design. Winner: Elizabeth: […]

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Who Will/ Should Senator Barack Obama Choose As His Running Mate?

By now, its probably pretty obvious that Senator Barack Obama will be the Democratic Presidential nominee for 2008. It’s just a matter of Hilary Clinton admitting defeat, after 11 straight losses including Wisconsin. Anyway, every Presidential nominee has to choose […]

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