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Model Naomi Sims Passes Away at 61

American model Naomi Sims has passed away of cancer at the age of 61. As the first African American to be on the cover of Ladies Home Journal (LHJ), some consider to also be the first African American supermodel. Her […]

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Seinfeld Cast Reunion… On Curb Your Enthusiasm

The cast of the ‘Seinfeld’ TV sitcom are finally reuniting, but not on their own show. Instead, they’ll be part of multiple episodes on Larry David’s TV comedy ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. David is of course the co-creator of the ‘Seinfeld’ […]

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Omer Bhatti Trying to Prove He’s Michael Jackson’s Love Child?

ABC and other media outlets are reporting that Joe Jackson, father of recently deceased popstar Michael Jackson, is admitting that MJ had a love child, Omer Bhatti. (see the video below, to hear Joe Jackson.) Additional reports are that Bhatti […]

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Scarlett Johansson to Star as Black Widow in Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2, the sequel to the hit 2008 film Iron Man – starring Robert Downey, Jr., in the lead role – will have Scarlett Johansson as the Russian spy Black Widow. Johansson had to undergo a tough workout regimen […]

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Olivia Wilde: Our PopStar Hottie of the Week

It seems that every week there’s a new PopStar Hottie that all the guys are drooling over.  Starting this week, PopSofa will crown a new PopStar Hottie each week by monitoring online activity and search trends.

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Popsofa Movie Highlights – Jun 2008

It’s blockbuster movie season for 2008 and there are a lot of biggies being released this year. Here are some of the highlights for June, listed in approximate order of release. Click on the IMDB link for more information. You […]

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Popsofa Entertainment Lounge – Tues May 13, 2008

Here’s a rundown of entertainment tidbits for Tues May 13, 2008. Remy Ma faces eight years in jail for shooting a former associate last year. The quarrel was over $3,000 that went missing from her purse. She had initially faced […]

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Dancing With the Stars – Season 6 Couples Gallery

ABC announced their sixth season lineup for Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) in late February. Now they’ve released pictures for the couples We’ve reproduced them below. (Depending on server status, you might be able to click on an image to […]

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Movies Opening Today – Fri Feb 29, 2008

Yes, it’s Leap Day today, so there are five movie release dates this month. But there are only two wide-release films today. Wide-Release Film Openings My money’s on The Other Boleyn Girl (Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Eric Bana) to be […]

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Will There Be a Cloverfield 2?

While there isn’t officially a Cloverfield sequel scheduled, JJ Abrams reportedly recently said that if there is one, there’ll be another monster. I’m not holding my breath. I mostly hated Cloverfield – hated the storyline, hated the boring camera work, […]

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