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Suspected iPad Thief Arrested

A 20 year-old man was arrested on charges that the stole an iPad from a 59-year old man, William Jordan. Jordan, who wade the Apple iPad purchase as a favor to a friend, also lost part of a pinky finger […]

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What Your Apple Gadgets Would be Worth as Stock Today

If you’re a fan or shareholder of Apple, Inc., you should check out the interesting little financial table over at Kyle Conroy’s site. Take multi-sourced data, he shows, product by product, what your money would be worth today if instead […]

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Bret Michaels Stabilized From Brain Hemorrhage

Rocker Brett Michaels is the latest celebrity suffering from a serious illness. Michaels was rushed to ICU on Thurdsay for a brain hemorrhage, but is now being reported as stabilized. Chances of survival are low in such cases, so we’re […]

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  • Dexter on Showtime

Dexter Star Recovered From Cancer Says Wife

If you’re a fan of the hit show Dexter, about a police lab analyst who turns serial killer on other serial killers, you might be wondering what’s up. I haven’t seen the show airing lately and wondered maybe if it […]

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Google Turn-by-Turn GPS Not Coming to iPhone?

It appears that despite rumors everywhere, turn-by-turn Google navigation is not coming to the iPhone, despite being added to a variety of other mobile devices recently.

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Lose an iPhone, Win a Free Trip

When Apple engineer Gray Powell lost what’s said to be a prototype of the company’s next-generation iPhone smartphone while celebrating his birthday drinking beer in a bar, he became a subject of ridicule. The phone was found, sold to tech […]

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Next-Gen Apple iPods With Cameras?

Could it be that Apple, Inc., will be offering a digital camera with the next generation of their culture-changing iPod media players. Apparently two such iPod prototypes showed up on eBay earlier, selling for just over US$100. They’ve apparently now […]

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Paul McCartney Piedmont Park Concert in Atlanta

Baby you can drive my car, but not to Piedmont Park. Sir Paul McCartney is performing in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park today, as part of the its 20th anniversary. This will be McCartney’s first outdoor concert in over 40 years, and […]

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Character Actor John Quade Passes Away at 71

Actor John Quade died this past Sun Aug 9, apparently of natural of causes. The 71 year-old actor is probably best known for the villains he played in various Clint Eastwood films. He also made appearances in dozens of popular […]

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Michael Vick Signs With Philly Eagles

ESPN is reporting that the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick to a two-year contract. The quarterback spent 18 months of his sentence for multiple charges related to a dogfighting ring. Vick, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, hasn’t played […]

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