Polaroid T737
Christmas is a great time of year to buy a camera. Not only are prices down, but it’s useful: the whole family’s together, everyone looks nice, and you get to capture those precious moments.

The Polaroid T737 digital camera is just one of the amazing cameras available this season. Features include a 3″ bright colored LCD screen. That means the screen is bigger and brighter than ever, and it’s easier to see the pics while flipping through.

Zoom is another important feature, and this Polaroid has 3x optical zoom, and 4x digital zoom. Though the digital zoom is often what attracts people, the optical zoom is more important – optical zoom is the “actual” zoom, digital zoom just crops it, making it appear larger and closer, which often has the side effect of making it fuzzy. Like the cameras on cell phones.

The T737 also takes video clips with sound, and the 7 megapixel camera takes exceptionally clear pictures.

This camera can take exceptionally clear photos, and costs only $130. It’s SD card compatible, and a one gig card will hold about 300 pics – plenty for anyone. SD cards are the most readily available, most frequently used, and least expensive memory cards available, ranging anywhere from $15 to $25.