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Verizon to Get iPhone; AT&T Drops Price on 3GS price to $49

Apple Inc’s products have a reputation for being high-end, but now with the iPhone 4 out and doing well, it seems the company has approved AT&T’s new low price of $49 for the previous generation iPhone 3GS smartphone. This is […]

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Google Turn-by-Turn GPS Not Coming to iPhone?

It appears that despite rumors everywhere, turn-by-turn Google navigation is not coming to the iPhone, despite being added to a variety of other mobile devices recently.

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Lose an iPhone, Win a Free Trip

When Apple engineer Gray Powell lost what’s said to be a prototype of the company’s next-generation iPhone smartphone while celebrating his birthday drinking beer in a bar, he became a subject of ridicule. The phone was found, sold to tech […]

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  • LG waterproof phone

Waterproof Phones: Stylish or Stupid?

P2i, a spinoff created by scientists at the UK’s Ministry of Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, has come out with with an “Ion-mask” coating that can waterproof cell phones. The coating, which is chemically bonded to the surface, makes the […]

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  • Musiq by LG

Sprint Phone: “Musiq” by LG

As I promised yesterday, here is another cool phone, perfect for the holidays. Musiq by LG is a sleek, colorful phone from Sprint, designed with music in mind. The phone, which has regular texting and phone options, gives customers the […]

  • The Rumor by LG
  • Girl talking on cell phone

Two of Sprint’s New Phones: The Rumor and the MOTORAZR 2

The holiday season has presented itself with a whole ton of really awesome gadgets and cell phones, from the Blackberry to awesome alarm clocks and a whole bunch of other things that people are sure to want to get their […]

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  • A Hello Kitty Necklace
  • The Interactive Media Wall

100th Anniversary Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Okay, so the truth of the matter is these are all very expensive gifts and gadgets, but they’re still pretty fun. According to one study, people who make more than $100,000 a year are more likely to buy products from […]

  • Sides of the BlackBerry 7130e

Uber Cool Gadget: The BlackBerry Cell Phone

This thing, the BlackBerry 7130 (actually the whole BlackBerry series), is super cool. I’m not a big gadget person, but even I can’t help thinking about how much I wanted it when my former Realtor would pull it out before […]

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Keira Knightley, as Cute, Sweet, and Gorgeous as she Looks?

No. Well, gorgeous, yes. But Keira Knightley tells it like it is. “I’m a moody bastard.” She’s so moody, and newspapers make her so mad that her family has banned her from reading the newspaper! “I’ve been banned from reading […]

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Who Doesn’t Own a Cell Phone!?

Vince Vaughn, that’s who. Yesterday, Tueesday, November 6, during an interview about his newest film “Fred Claus,” Vince Vaughn let out the horrifying statement that he doesn’t own a cell phone. What!? “I don’t own a cell phone… because the […]

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