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  • sound asleep pillow

Sound Asleep Pillow: Music To Your Ears

Do you enjoy listening to music as you drift off, but hate your sore ears in the morning? I need noise to sleep, but always get myself tangled up in the cords. The Sound Asleep Pillow allows you to hook […]

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  • rechargeable light bulb

Odd But Useful Gadget: The Rechargeable Light Bulb

I hate when the power goes out, especially if it’s for a long period of time. The worst part is, obviously, going to the bathroom. Bathroom just aren’t designed to be efficient in the dark. Now, there’s a gadget that’ll […]

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  • Mahogany charging station and desk organizer

Charging Station: The Electronic Gizmo Charger

Looking for a gift idea: to suggest to someone else for yourself or for another person? Consider the charging station from KangaRoom. This little thing can charge up to three phones, iPods, MP3s or PDAs at a time. That means […]

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  • Skull and Crossbone Dinnerware

Fashionable Skull Dinnerware For the Kitchen?

As made clear by Joel Madden’s newly-designed baby’s clothing, skulls are in. And though not everyone fancies their child sporting skulls, or thinks skulls are appropriate for anything, there are some cool things for the rest of us, like Skull […]

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  • Chiasso Vinyl “Bop” Chair

The Vinyl “Bop” Chiasso Chair

Retro furniture is in, and this retro-modern swivel chair is no exception. I’ve personally always adored swivel chairs, and small things like this are great to put in a room that doesn’t have a lot of space, or already has […]

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  • Red LoveSac: TheMovieSac
  • Love Sacs: put them together

LoveSacs: Make Your Own Comfy Couch

Remember bean bags chairs? LoveSacs are alternative furniture somewhat similar to bean bag chairs. The difference is they’re about a million times more comfortable, and slightly more structured. They can easily replace a couch, and even though they’re about the […]

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  • Sofa and loveseat from Hotel Surplus Outlet
  • Iron Standing Lamp from Hotel Surplus

Looking for Furniture? Try the Hotel Surplus Outlet

Sick of everything in the house? Just moved into a new house or apartment and in desperate need of furniture? Look no further. The Hotel Surplus Outlet,, has everything, and I mean everything. The best part is, because it’s […]

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