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  • Black digital picture frame

Digital Picture Frames: Who Ever Thought A Picture Frame Could Be Cool?

With today’s new technology, anything can be cool: alarm clocks and even picture frames. Digital picture frames take a memory card from digital cameras and display the pictures. Some can store the pictures so you can return the card to […]

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  • SmartScan Biometric Keyless Entry System

SmartScan Biometric Keyless Entry System: Forgetting Your Keys Is No Problem

Do you have a tendency to forget or lose your keys? I do. Or maybe you’re always fumbling for your keys. Either way, the Smartscan Biometric Keyless entry system could help solve your problem. This $190 lock recognizes your fingerprint […]

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  • Musiq by LG

Sprint Phone: “Musiq” by LG

As I promised yesterday, here is another cool phone, perfect for the holidays. Musiq by LG is a sleek, colorful phone from Sprint, designed with music in mind. The phone, which has regular texting and phone options, gives customers the […]

New Feature: Game With Your iPod

Okay, playing games on your iPod might not be anything new – you can do that on just about any old cell phone – but Hasbro recently created a program for iPod that, in addition to playing music, will let […]

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  • Ford Voice Control System

Ford Voice Control System: You Say, Car Do

Have you ever wanted to talk to your car and now that it was listening? Maybe even hear it respond? I’m not talking about a Lindsay Lohan “Herbie” type thing, or a “the car’s been wired and now someone’s laughing […]

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  • A Hello Kitty Necklace
  • The Interactive Media Wall

100th Anniversary Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Okay, so the truth of the matter is these are all very expensive gifts and gadgets, but they’re still pretty fun. According to one study, people who make more than $100,000 a year are more likely to buy products from […]

  • Hammacher Schlemmer Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock
  • puzzle alarm clock

Cool Alarm Clock: Make Mornings A Little Bit Easier

For those who are the furthest thing from morning people imaginable, sleeping through the alarm clock on a regular basis, things are looking brighter. And I mean that literally. Today, we have dozens of alarm clocks: puzzle alarm clocks, loud […]

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