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Apple iPad Popularity Being Leveraged By Scammers

It’s not bad enough thieves are grabbing iPads from shoppers hands, scammers are also using the popularity of Apple’s new mobile computing device to fool people into revealing personal data or exposing their computers to viruses and other malware. So […]

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Suspected iPad Thief Arrested

A 20 year-old man was arrested on charges that the stole an iPad from a 59-year old man, William Jordan. Jordan, who wade the Apple iPad purchase as a favor to a friend, also lost part of a pinky finger […]

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Next-Gen Apple iPods With Cameras?

Could it be that Apple, Inc., will be offering a digital camera with the next generation of their culture-changing iPod media players. Apparently two such iPod prototypes showed up on eBay earlier, selling for just over US$100. They’ve apparently now […]

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Apple Macbook Air Laptop: Worth $1799?

I’ve been seriously considering getting a Mac, but the prices have always been more than I want to pay for the computing power offered. That’s not to say I haven’t used Macs – I have, since the 80s. I love […]

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Super Energized Laptop Batteries Coming?

Laptop batteries that last a day on one charge? Silicon nanowires might be just what Lithium Ion batteries need to be ten times better. Researchers found that such improved batteries can last up to forty hours. Unfortunately, it’ll be a […]

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  • sound asleep pillow

Sound Asleep Pillow: Music To Your Ears

Do you enjoy listening to music as you drift off, but hate your sore ears in the morning? I need noise to sleep, but always get myself tangled up in the cords. The Sound Asleep Pillow allows you to hook […]

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Belated Christmas Gift: An iPod Nano

My cousin got an iPod Nano for Christmas, and her sister let me look at it. It all boils down to this: I want one. The Nanos are sleek, slim and pretty. They’ll play up to five hours of video […]

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  • rechargeable light bulb

Odd But Useful Gadget: The Rechargeable Light Bulb

I hate when the power goes out, especially if it’s for a long period of time. The worst part is, obviously, going to the bathroom. Bathroom just aren’t designed to be efficient in the dark. Now, there’s a gadget that’ll […]

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  • Mahogany charging station and desk organizer

Charging Station: The Electronic Gizmo Charger

Looking for a gift idea: to suggest to someone else for yourself or for another person? Consider the charging station from KangaRoom. This little thing can charge up to three phones, iPods, MP3s or PDAs at a time. That means […]

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  • The Nikon D40

The Nikon D40: Anyone Can Use It

Consider the Nikon D40 for your newest digital camera. Nikon recently tested the D40 by giving it to several people in Georgetown, SC to prove than anyone can take good pictures with their camera. Here’s why: It’s lightweight, so it’s […]

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