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Kodak Redefines Their Kodak Moment

If you’re old enough to remember Kodak film cameras, you’re old enough to remember the company’s “Kodak moment” concept, which has now been redefined as social sharing. The company appears to be trying to adapt to the disappearance of film […]

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Apple iPad Popularity Being Leveraged By Scammers

It’s not bad enough thieves are grabbing iPads from shoppers hands, scammers are also using the popularity of Apple’s new mobile computing device to fool people into revealing personal data or exposing their computers to viruses and other malware. So […]

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Suspected iPad Thief Arrested

A 20 year-old man was arrested on charges that the stole an iPad from a 59-year old man, William Jordan. Jordan, who wade the Apple iPad purchase as a favor to a friend, also lost part of a pinky finger […]

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Bret Michaels Stabilized From Brain Hemorrhage

Rocker Brett Michaels is the latest celebrity suffering from a serious illness. Michaels was rushed to ICU on Thurdsay for a brain hemorrhage, but is now being reported as stabilized. Chances of survival are low in such cases, so we’re […]

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Google Turn-by-Turn GPS Not Coming to iPhone?

It appears that despite rumors everywhere, turn-by-turn Google navigation is not coming to the iPhone, despite being added to a variety of other mobile devices recently.

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Lose an iPhone, Win a Free Trip

When Apple engineer Gray Powell lost what’s said to be a prototype of the company’s next-generation iPhone smartphone while celebrating his birthday drinking beer in a bar, he became a subject of ridicule. The phone was found, sold to tech […]

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Next-Gen Apple iPods With Cameras?

Could it be that Apple, Inc., will be offering a digital camera with the next generation of their culture-changing iPod media players. Apparently two such iPod prototypes showed up on eBay earlier, selling for just over US$100. They’ve apparently now […]

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Angelina Jolie Confirms Pregnancy

A source close to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly confirmed on Jolie’s behalf that she is pregnant. I suppose it’s hard to deny it anymore when you look like this. Now if there are any babies that deserve $6M […]

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Kate Hudson Seeing Justin Timberlake?

Um, what? Has hottie Kate Hudson been seeing Justin Timberlake for a year? The same Justin Timberlake that’s supposedly about to propose to equally hot Jessica Biel? Say it ain’t so. How does an untalented, middle of the road short […]

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Nicole Richie’s Real Post-Baby Slimming Secret

OK Magazine reports that Nicole Richie’s post-birthing slimming secret is the Spanx undergarments she’s been wearing. (You know, the hose replacement profiled on Oprah?) But I maintain that the real secret is the mad partying that she and baby-daddy Joel […]

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