It’s all over the news and you’re probably not surprised that Britney Spears pretty much had a meltdown yesterday (Thurs), even to the point of endangering one of her sons. The standoff, which happened after she was nearly two hours late for her deposition, was triggered by her custody issues between herself and ex-husband Kevin Federline. After the standoff, she was taken to hospital with son Jayden James. Though despite the her glassy eyes in the pic, she’s been cleared of having illegal substances in her bloodstream. That doesn’t rule out alcohol, though.

Here are some of the mistakes she made in 2007, and will probably continue to make in 2008, unless someone does something drastic to help her. It’s time for an intervention. (Note: I wrote this list yesterday, long before I knew about the standoff, so some of this stuff might appear callous. But then we all love to hate celebs – especially “mad” ones – so piss off.)

  1. Hit and run. When you’re famous and there are paparazzi around, you don’t hit another car and then leave.

  2. Failing random drug tests. This alone suggests she doesn’t care enough about her kids to stay off drugs, to go to rehab.
  3. Not showing up for court hearings. Ditto. Most of these hearings have to do with proving her ability and intent to have at least partial custody.
  4. Driving through red lights. It happens to the best of us, but it happened far too often with Britney.
  5. Running over people. Granted she was probably stressed out with all the paps following her constantly, getting in the way, etc. But that does not justify running over the feet of two people trying to help her:a paparazzo and a police officer, at different times.
  6. Dating a paparazzo. Is this really a good idea? Forget that he’s several years older than her – that’s not unusual in Hollywood. But she’s vulnerable and might reveal more than she should. And after she ditches him (or vice versa), do you think he’ll keep his mouth shut or make bank with what he knows (and might have photographed)? [New Britney sex video, anyone?]
  7. Stealing a lighter. Sounds like a minor thing, but stealing is stealing, and it was done intentionally and she bragged about to the assembled photogs.
  8. Not being there for her sister. I don’t know, maybe she was, a bit. Maybe Britney is such a terrible role model for her sister that Jamie Lynn Spears is now pregnant at 16, and reportedly lost her Zoey 101 TV show.
  9. Not seeking help. This is probably the number one factor for her ongoing spiralling descent. The problem is, when you’re in this state of mind, it’s hard to rationally tell that you need help. It’s even harder for celebrities to want to go – even when they realize they need help – because a vulnerable star can be taken advantage of. But surely she has some friends she can trust?
  10. Being estranged from her mother. I’m of two minds on this one, as Lynne Spears has very likely been an overwhelming factor in Britney’s continuing downward spiral, having been one to reportedly push her daughters relentlessly towards fame and high paychecks – of which she took a cut, as their manager. But even with all that, wouldn’t her mother at least care somewhat about her welfare if Britney went to her and said, “mom, I need help”?

No matter how much we entertainment bloggers like to pick on “mad celebrities”, I’m hoping she recovers and that someone trustworthy offers Britney Spears some much-need guidance.