As of tonight, AMC’s gritty drug drama Breaking Bad is going to be over in three more episodes. What are you going to watch next to get your anti-hero fix?

I’ve been watching a couple of new shows including Banshee and Low Winter Sun. While I’m already addicted to Cinemax’s Banshee, AMC’s Low Winter Sun is even newer. If you like Breaking Bad and haven’t seen Low Winter Sun yet, give it a watch. It’s one of the grittiest “cop” shows I’ve ever seen. Even the first episode establishes that there’s no such thing as black and white when it comes to “Good” and “Bad”.

Some familiar faces in Low Winter Sun might be Lennie James (from Hung, The Walking Dead), David Costabile (Gale from Breaking Bad, also Lincoln), and Mark Strong (who’s filmography shows him to be more of a movie actor).

Low Winter Sun, from episode 1, had me loathing the main characters in much the same way that Breaking Bad and The Sopranos did — and yet unable to stop watching. Incredibly intense, well-cast, immensely though-provoking.

Banshee IMDB profile.
Low Winter Sun IMDB profile.

You can see the full, uncensored version of episode 1 of Banshee on YouTube (age-restricted). The full-length premiere episode of Low Winter Sun should be in the YouTube video player at the top of this post.