I’ve been seriously considering getting a Mac, but the prices have always been more than I want to pay for the computing power offered. That’s not to say I haven’t used Macs – I have, since the 80s. I love them, but I won’t yet commit the $$ just to be fashionable. Computers don’t need to be fashionable, they need to function (for me anyway). And now Apple comes out with the Macbook Air ultra-light laptop. My opinion: big frickin’ deal. More ridiculous hardware from Apple.

At least, that’s my 5-minute impression based on browsing about ten blogs discussing all the new stuff from Apple that Steve Jobs talked about at MacWorld San Fransisco. The many thing I don’t understand is why so many Apple products have a non-user replaceable battery. For me, that’s a show stopper. I won’t buy products like that. But even then, US$1799 for the ultralight, ultrasmall Macbook Air (13″ screen) does not sound like a good deal to me, especially with limited ports. Except that the battery does last 5 hours.