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Free Full-Length Music Albums on

Richard Jones of is reporting that, as of yesterday, you can listen to full-length tracks and entire albums for free on the website. Wow. Does this spell the end of profit for musicians? No. Artists and labels will […]

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Lenny Kravitz is Very Sexy, Very Undersexed

Lenny Kravitz, often considered a playboy and linked to many sexy models, actresses and singers, has been celibate for three years now. Apparently he’s waiting for marriage. Hey Lenny, wait four more and your cherry will grow back. [NY Post/ […]

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Simon Cowell Is Very Mean, Very Rich, Very Generous

Crotchety Brit Simon Cowell of American Idol and other popular “reality” shows is worth a lot more money than many of us probably realized. He’s worth around £100 million (British Pounds), which is about US$200M. I never knew. What’s more, […]

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Amy Winehouse Becomes Amy Crackhouse?

Amy Winehouse was supposedly caught on video doing crack and ecstasy – that after taking valium. I guess she’s not in rehab.

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Victoria Beckham Is So Talented

Victoria Beckham designs new clothes and turns into a teletubbie? [Daily Mail]

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Britney Spears’ Boy Toy Adnan Ghalib Mistreating Fellow Paparazzi?

You’ve heard the saying, “walk a mile in my shoes”. Well in Ghalib’s case, maybe it’s “drive a mile.” Ghalib is the paparazzo that once was following Britney Spears  around but then became his boy toy. She claimed the other […]

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PopSofa Entertainment Lounge – Fri Jan 18, 2008

Here’s a roundup of this week’s celebrity madness. The B-52’s Funplex, releasing March 25th, is their first in sixteen years. Here’s hoping that the songs – which all band members participated in writing – are as fun as anything they’ve […]

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Avril Lavigne vs. The Rubinoos vs. The Rolling Stones vs. The Ramones

About face: Songwriters Tony Dunbar and James Gangwer of the Rubinoos are now saying Avril Lavigne’s song “Girlfriend” is not a ripoff of their 1979 song “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.”  I wonder how much they got paid to say […]

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The Philanthropy of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg gave away US$205M to charity in 2007, putting himself in seventh place in the U.S., for philanthropy. I never knew it but Bloomberg is worth about $5.5B. At the top of the list […]

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EMI Could Cut 2,000 Jobs in Recorded Music Division

EMI, the British company that the Sex Pistols sang about in the late 1970s, and who were the home to the Beatles, is planning to cut as much as 2,000 jobs in their recorded music division. They’re claiming reasons such […]

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