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7 Celebrity Trends We Hope Don’t Continue in 2008

So many celebrity trends in 2007 and so little time to care. Here are a few we don’t want to see in 2008. 1. Celebrity toe sucking pics. Can you say “toe jam,” boys and girls? I knew you could. […]

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10 Fake New Year’s Celebrity Resolutions

New Year’s Eve is upon us in the Western hemisphere and US Magazine published some celebrity New Year’s resolutions, most of which sound pretty boring. So we made up a list of celebrity resolutions we know you’d much rather see […]

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Who’ll Be the Hot Entertainers in 2008?

The L.A. Times recently published their 8 faces to watch in 2008 article, highlighting various young performers (music, acting). The list of names are as follows: Ben Barnes, who plays Prince Caspian in the upcoming The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince […]

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Angelina Jolie is Top Goody Two Shoes?

Reuters reported last week that Angelina Jolie tops the list from a poll they did of best celebrity humanitarians: Angelina Jolie. Bono. Desmond Tutu. Bill Gates. Bill Clinton. Jimmy Carter. Kofi Annan. Mia Farrow. Don Cheadle. Brad Pitt. Out of […]

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  • Marilyn Manson

Shock Rockstar Marilyn Manson Divorces

Twisted shock rock entertainer Marilyn Manson – who is either much-loved or much-reviled, depending on whom you ask – just got divorced. It seems not so long ago that he was with Rose McGowan (Grindhouse, The Black Dahlia, Charmed (TV)), […]

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Wrestler Nick Mitchell Opens Clothing Store

Wrestler Nick Mitchell has started a clothing store, Jaded, believe it or not. His girlfriend, Torie Wilson, is helping him. Jaded will open its first store in The Woodlands in Houston, Texas. Torie said, “I moved to Houston a year […]

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  • Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn

Sean Penn: Divorce and A Date

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn announced their intent to divorce just a few days ago. It turns out they both filed, first Sean, and then Robin, and they both cited irreconcilable differences. They also both filed for joint custody […]

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Valentino Ads: Clothing, Not Models

It must be the year for trying new things with ads, because while Vuitton is using girls and cars to “tastefully” sell accessories you can’t see, Valentino is doing something amazing: he’s covering the models faces so you focus not […]

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Nicole Kidman is Pregnant

Nicole Kidman and her country and western singer husband, Keith Urban, who have been married for 18 months, are expecting a baby! They already told their families, and now they’ve let the cat out of the bag for the rest […]

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  • Vetyver by Givenchy

Givenchy Reintroduces the Mythical Collection

In honor of fifty years in the perfume industry, Hubert de Givenchy is relaunching his first scent (L’Interdit) as you already know, but he’s also reintroducing six other “Mythical” Givenchy scents. Three lost (and until now, unavailable) men’s scents, Vetyver, […]

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