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Top 5 Celebrity ‘No Underwear’ Offenders

Opps She Showed it AGAIN! The British public today launched a scathing attack on celebrities unable to keep their knickers on and kick-started a rebellion against the growing trend of ‘going commando’. According to research findings revealed today, nearly fifty […]

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The Just Britney Art Show

The Just Britney Art Show started this week. Covered here.

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Tom Cruise Builds Alien Attack Bunker!

Ok, we all know that Tom is a dedicated follower of Scientology and that he went bonkers in that tv interview a while back, jumping around on the sofas yelling about aliens and the like? Well today sees Tom pushing […]

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Britney Spears Fecks Up Her Hair, Again!

In what appears to be a long episode of the Magic Roundabout (and just as trippy as the original series), Britney Spears has managed to make herself look even worse than when she was bald! No, I didn’t think it […]

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The Paris Hilton Cooking Show

If I said that Paris Hilton wanted to cook you a nice tasty dinner I have a feeling I know the exact expression your face would instantly reply with along with a few choice words. Well you better believe it […]

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Jade Goody’s Addicted To Diet Pills

In a new interview to be screened on ITV next month, the hard-up Celebrity Big Brother bully tells Sir Trevor McDonald: “I’ve done so much damage to my body through taking the pills and making myself sick. “I’ve gone down […]

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George Clooney In Car Crash

George Clooney and a friend of his were injured on Friday when their bike bumped into a car on a narrow road across the Hudson River from New York City.

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Jessica Alba Agrees That She Is a Boor

Jessica Alba has been one of the most glamorous and demure young actresses of Hollywood. But recently the star has revealed that in reality she is a boor.

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The Apple iPhone

The apple iPhone launched today in the UK. Useful or fashion accessory?

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Amanda Bynes New Fashion Label ‘Dear’

Today we see funny girl Amanda Bynes bring her own fashion label to market. The new fashion brand will be known as Dear. This follows hot on the heels of fellow fashion princess Sarah Jessica Parker, who launched her line, […]

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