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Nicolas Cage in a New Kind of ‘Faceoff’

If you’re a big fan of actor Nicolas Cage and want to see him in movies that he wasn’t in, you’re in luck. New artificial intelligence techniques can put his face into existing movies where he never appeared — and […]

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Recent Movies — Stephen Chow’s ‘Journey to the West’ Mythology and Martial Arts Film Series

Stephen Chow’s ‘Journey to the West’ Mythology and Martial Arts Film Series If you like multi-talented actor/ writer/ producer/ director and Bruce Lee fan Stephen Chow’s films, particularly his 2nd and third “live comic book” productions “Shaolin Soccer” and “Kung […]

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TV Updates – Will and Grace Revival is Confirmed

Will and Grace is a hilarious and often outrageous TV comedy series that ran for seven seasons and last aired in 2006. According to Variety magazine, NBC has now confirmed a 10-episode revival. You can see a blooper video above, […]

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New Movies – xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Starring Vin Diesel as Xander Cage, “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” is a sequel to the 2002 and 2005 “triple xxx” movies. It plays in American theatres starting this Friday, January 20th, 2017 (aka presidential inauguration day). Find out more at […]

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[Spoiler] The Great Food Truck Race Season 4: 4 Teams Left – Who Will Win?

Food Network’s reality cooking show The Great Food Truck Race is in Season 4 (2013). They started with eight teams and after tonight, there are four teams left. Gone, in order of their going, are: Murphy’s Spud Truck Boardwalk Breakfast […]

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Breaking Bad is Nearly Over: What TV Shows to Watch Next?

As of tonight, AMC’s gritty drug drama Breaking Bad is going to be over in three more episodes. What are you going to watch next to get your anti-hero fix? I’ve been watching a couple of new shows including Banshee […]

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Verizon to Get iPhone; AT&T Drops Price on 3GS price to $49

Apple Inc’s products have a reputation for being high-end, but now with the iPhone 4 out and doing well, it seems the company has approved AT&T’s new low price of $49 for the previous generation iPhone 3GS smartphone. This is […]

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Kodak Redefines Their Kodak Moment

If you’re old enough to remember Kodak film cameras, you’re old enough to remember the company’s “Kodak moment” concept, which has now been redefined as social sharing. The company appears to be trying to adapt to the disappearance of film […]

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Apple iPad Popularity Being Leveraged By Scammers

It’s not bad enough thieves are grabbing iPads from shoppers hands, scammers are also using the popularity of Apple’s new mobile computing device to fool people into revealing personal data or exposing their computers to viruses and other malware. So […]

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Protect Your Online Finances

More people are using Web sites like Mint.com to manage their finances and as a result opening themselves up to privacy and security problems. Jason Owens, a certified security specialist, writes on his site about how he would hack in […]

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